Rocks the Piano

download-13Google’s DeepMind brought us artificial intelligence systems that can play Atari classics and the complex game of Go as well as — no, better than — humans.

Now, the artificial intelligence research firm is at it again. This time, its machines are getting really good at sounding like humans.

In a blog post Thursday, DeepMind unveiled WaveNet, an artificial intelligence system that the company says outperforms existing text-to-speech technologies by 50 percent. WaveNet learns from raw audio files and then produces digital sound waves that resemble those produced by the human voice, which is an entirely different approach.

Speaking Up

Someday, man and machine will routinely strike up conversations with each other. We’re not there yet, but natural language processing is a scorching hot area of AI research — Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft are all in pursuit of savvy digital assistants that can verbally help us interact with our devices.

Right now, computers are pretty good listeners, because deep learning algorithms have taken speech recognition to a new level. But computers still aren’t very good speakers. Most text-to-speech systems are still based on concatenative TTS — basically, cobbling words together from a massive database of sound fragments.

Other systems form a voice electronically, based on rules about how letter combinations are pronounced. Both approaches yield rather robot-y sounding voices. WaveNet is different.

Flexing Those Computing Muscles

WaveNet is an artificial neural network, that, at least on paper, resembles the architecture of the human brain. Data inputs flow through layers of interconnected nodes — the “neurons” — to produce an output. This allows computers to process mountains of data, and recognize patterns that would perhaps take humans a lifetime to uncover.

To model speech, WaveNet was fed real waveforms of English and Mandarin speech. These waveforms are loaded with data points, roughly 16,000 to sample per second, and WaveNet digests them all.

Desktop solution is simple and easy

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The accounting QuickBooks modules are customized on demand and the modules are sales, payroll, payments, financing, manufacturing, reporting, invoicing, inventory, VAT and Customer relationship management. QuickBooks is very simple accounting solution for users to understand and learn the process quickly. The application can integrate with any application such as Microsoft solutions, MAC, UNIX or Linux and data migration becomes easier. All the applications can flawlessly integrate with QuickBooks accounting solution. This feature is a great achievement for the accountants and bookkeepers as the automated application does make most tasks automatic.

QuickBooks can be accessed remotely:

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Read a Closed Book

download-12You still can’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s possible to read one without ever opening it.

That certainly adds a new wrinkle to an age-old idiom.

But it’s true; researchers at MIT and Georgia Tech built a prototype — key word prototype — imaging system that can read individual pages in a stack of papers. It’s an early demonstration, so we’re talking a stack of only nine pages, but it’s a start.

And as the technology improves, it could someday give, say, museum curators, another tool to study ancient, fragile books they wouldn’t dare open.

Today’s T-Ray

To peer through stacks of paper, the system relies on terahertz radiation, which is a frequency band of electromagnetic radiation that falls between microwaves and infrared light. Terahertz imaging systems emit short bursts of radiation that can penetrate a variety of materials. Substances such as water, plastics, gases and biofuels absorb specific terahertz frequencies, which makes it easy to identify them.

NASA used the technique to inspect foam insulation structures on its shuttle fleet, and it’s the same technology used in full body scanners at the airport. You know, those scans that produced quasi-pornographic images of airplane passengers.

Page Penetration

Researchers used a standard terahertz camera to blast radiation at a stack of 20 papers with a single letter printed on each, and a sensor detected the reflected radiation. The paper and ink each absorb their signature frequencies, revealing the letters. There are also tiny pockets of air between each sheet of paper, and this boundary affects when of the reflected signal hits the sensor.

The resulting images aren’t exactly pretty — the device’s electronics produce a background hum, and some of the radiation bounces between pages before returning to the sensor. So Georgia Tech and MIT designed algorithms that clean these images up and interpret each page’s contents. Those algorithms, which can decipher contents of tightly stacked pages, are the big improvement here.

Researchers published details about their new technique Friday in the journal Nature Communications.

Seeing Without Touching

Peeking at documents without opening them isn’t a new trick. Using the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, for example, researchers from France bombarded ancient Herculaneum scrolls with extremely high-intensity X-rays, in a process called scanning X-ray fluorescence. This caused the metallic inks inside to emit photons, and “light up.”

Terahertz imaging has also been used to see inside an ancient Egyptian jar at the Museum of Aquitaine in France. Terahertz radiation revealed previously unknown, organic contents that X-rays wouldn’t have.

QuickBooks Hosting on cloud

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QuickBooks by Intuit:

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Google Apps or Dropbox

Dropbox, Google Apps, Amazon Cloud and Microsoft Ondrive Live are good products and competitive in the market place they serve, but they are just cloud storage. They all store files off-site in an NTFS type file store. SharePoint on-line stores files in a SQL database delivering huge advantages in security, file grouping, file analysis and file location.

What does this mean in practice? – If you consider a standard NTFS file storage system such as you would find on any computer.

When you create and save a file you are prompted to give the file a name so that you can find it again when it is needed. Most modern software will also be configured to save the file to a default location such as ‘documents’ or ‘my documents’. You can elect to modify the location by creating new sub-folders within the ‘documents’ folder. This way you can group similar files together, say by subject or function. So, a user’s documents area may have sub-folders like ‘invoices’, ‘orders’, Fred Blogs Ltd, etc. In addition, the NTFS file store will record ‘date created’, ‘date modified’ and ‘file size’ for each file. Standalone computers usually have the default ‘documents’ folder on a local hard disk drive or a cloud resource, but networked computers are often configured to default to a department, or team ‘documents’ area that is a network share on a server and all users store their documents here either in a personalised folder or in team folders where other users can access them as required. This practise makes it simpler for the IT team to copy the files to a backup device to protect against file loss or corruption.

This system works and has served well for decades, but it has weaknesses.

1. File naming is open to each individual user preference. The human mind is individual and what may be obvious as to one individual as a distinctive file name is often confusing for other users. This can be overcome by enforcing a corporate ‘standard’ for file naming, but that requires training for users in what they must, and must not, include in a file name.

2. As users can create sub-folders within the storage area and files can end up being buried many layers deep in a file system.

3. By default, the file search facility in a NTFS system searches file names, created date and modified date. This can be changed to enable indexing by metadata and even content search, but this slows the whole storage system down to a considerable degree. Additionally, file searches in NTFS systems usually take quite a long time, especially if the file resides in a storage area used by many people.


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Why you Should use

Sandboxes create copies of salesforce organization in a separate environment. Without affecting your live instance, you can use them for development, testing and training.  Before putting the changes in live production environment, Sandbox is a very important tool to test the changes to salesforce system. It is just like a way you wouldn’t build a house without drawing an architectural sketch first, before being deployed in the organization all developing and testing is done in a sandbox.

There are 4 kind of salesforce sandboxes that fulfil different need and support different activities:

  1. Developer Sandbox: Developer sandboxes are intended for coding and testing by single developer, but more than one person can login to the sandbox. It’s free, as well it is not recommended for training as it can only accommodate 200 MB of data and may not be sufficient for training of large group of users.
  2. Developer Pro Sandbox: Developer pro sandbox works same as developer sandbox but it can host large data sets than developer sandbox. You can use this environment for additional task such as data load, integration testing and user training. It is also free and gives you 1GB storage.
  3. Partial Copy Sandbox: A partial copy sandboxes are intended visually for any development, testing, or training purpose. It gives you 5GB of data storage and 10,000 records per selected object. This type of sandbox is paid.
  4. Full Sandbox: This is the only sandbox that support performance testing, load testing, and staging. It can provide an ideal environment for training, it is all the more necessary for its use in testing with accurate data.

Reasons to Use Your Salesforce Sandbox

  • Sandbox can be used for development, testing, and research without losing data in production environment. It is very important tool provided by salesforce.
  • It allows you to test your customization like workflows, validation rules, and data migrations. Most important thing, you can try out applications as well as configuration without compromising the application and your data in production environment. This way, nothing will change permanently before you know exactly what it does.

Compatible Laptop Chargers

People are living a very fast life with all the technological advancements which have happened around them. All the innovations in the field of science and electronics were done to save the time but somehow they have made a man busier. People will be found glued to their laptop in offices, cars, parks, etc. This increases the demand of a strong battery backup of the laptop. The supporting accessories which are used to charge these batteries should also be of amazing quality otherwise a single spark can set your laptop on fire. The safety and security of the things which come in use on the daily basis is very important.

Laptops are used at work, for entertainment, movies, gaming, music, etc. The brands which make these laptops are increasing day by day. Not every brand that emerges has the knowledge to make quality products. Laptop making needs huge precision and care as the product is expensive and a lot of data would be lost if the product encountered certain glitch while working. Likewise, a lot of things need to be looked upon while making the supporting accessories of the laptop as well. Laptop chargers usually come with the laptop itself but they are readily available if we have to buy them again.

Samsung is one brand which had a hard time getting recognition but on the basis of their good quality products has attracted a lot of customers towards itself. The Samsung laptop chargers have unique features which the competition does not provide in its product range. The online Samsung chargers are compatible with a wide range and brands of laptops. This was made possible by the unique and commonly followed laptop charger design that is made in the market. The only difference was that the chargers are available in different types like the solar one, electronic one and USB one. The convenience of user is kept in mind while designing these variants.

The safety standard is the second most important aspect on which the customer should pay heed. The CE certification awarded to these laptops ensures that the adaptor comes with a special fuse which goes off in case of any short circuit or sparking. In case of damaged or faulty productArticle Search, we have a 7 day easy return policy offering either refund or replacement. The customer care of our website is available 24×7. The live chat option on our site with our charger expert helps you find your desired products in a matter of few minutes.

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Ebook And Magazine

An efficient eBook maker allows one to publish useful informative content and pictures in to useful eBooks for enabling in publication online and reaching out to a wide variety of audiences. The eBook software comes with a host of excellent and easy features, which makes it easy for anyone to create and publish their own eBooks, even without any form of pre-requisite knowledge of software or programming.

The eBook maker allows you to create eBooks in a variety of formats and file extensions like EXE, flash, HTML, Mobi and many more. This helps your creations to be viewed easily in wide variety of devices like personal computers, macbooks, tablets, mobile phones and any other device which may not be using flash. The eBook maker also helps one to convert their publications in various mobile formats as well, which further allows your eBooks to be readable in mobile phones as well. Plus, the eBook maker also provides lots of personalised features, like creating and using your own personalised labels.

With easy embed codes, the eBook maker also helps you to easily publish and embed your flipbook and eBooks in various other blogs and websites. The entire process of publishing requires just about four simple steps.

The concerned software also helps in making your own magazine, in just a matter of few minutes and steps. By incorporating your desired eBook or flipbook and adding the desired colours, layouts, links, buttons and other useful multimedia, you can make a magazine easily. After adding all the required details, you can then publish your flipbook or magazine, in various formats in accordance with various devices like tablets, mobile phones, windows, macbooks and many more. These include various formats like flash, exe, mobi, PDF, zip, HTML and many more. After making your own magazine, you also have options to add your own desired language and even publish it in various eBook websites like Kindle and iBooks to help you reach out to an even greater audience. The software also helps you to personalise the magazine you created by adding your own label. The software detects the type of device used by your respective readers and change the format of your magazine accordingly.

After making your own magazine, you can publish it or upload it using the in-built, instant uploader available in the software, or separately on your own if you wish to. The software also comes with free tutorials, which will guide you into making your own magazine in no time. You can also add a desired language or suggest one to the software, as you make your own magazine.

Hence, to conclude, flipbook software, online eBook and Magazine makers are useful and creative tools for budding designers and publishers to create and publish their own unique magazines, in the desired layout and language. You may also add creative elements to it like various pictures, videos and other exciting multimedia. Moreover, you also have the flexibility to view the magazine in various devices by publishing it in a variety of formats and file extensions. The addition of bookmarks and passwords, further personalise and secure the creation efficientlyFeature Articles, and also have the feature enable offline reading of your magazine or flipbook.

Messages into Dance Music

In Ibiza, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, the hypnotic “thump thump thump” of the club music could actually convey much more than a call to dance.

Krzysztof Szczypiorski, a researcher from Poland, has developed a technique to hide messages inside dance music using subtle variations in tempo. By raising or lowering the speed of the music at levels not detectable by humans, he transmits a series of Morse code-like signals that can be picked up by a computer program. The sonic dots and dashes are then put together to spell out a message.

More Than Just Bass

Ibiza’s club music is perfect for his method because it relies on consistent bass-and-hi-hat beats of the kind meant to inspire all-night dance parties with their driving rhythms. For the type of spy who likes to hang around the Spanish party scene, however, it also represents the perfect opportunity to send super-secret messages.

Listen carefully to the beginning of this song. Could you hear the hidden code?

Szczypiorski’s technique fits in with the long tradition of steganography — the practice of hiding secret messages in plain sight. As the thinking goes, the best secret message is one that doesn’t look like a message in the first place. The first recorded example of steganography is from around 440 B.C. when a Greek ruler inscribed a message into the shaved head of his servant and sent him on his way once his hair had grown back, with instructions to shave again once he arrived.

Audio steganography dates to the Renaissance, when specific notes were used to spell out hidden messages, and the practice (or rumors thereof) has even made its way into more modern music, such as the infamous “Paul is dead” line from “Revolution 9”. Szczypiorski calls his program StegIbiza — steganography perfect for Ibiza. He published the results of his work on the pre-print server the arXiv.

Audience Oblivious

To test his technique, Szczypiorski recruited an audience of ten people who either had formal music training or were professional musicians, and ten people who had no special experience. He played them instrumental samples of “Rhythm is a Dancer” by German group Snap! which he had modified to contain tiny variations in tempo.

Slowing down the tempo for a beat corresponded to a dash, while speeding it up conveyed a dot, and the whole thing spelled out “Steganography is a dancer!” When he changed the tempo by 3 percent, the shift was obvious to everyone, but when it was modified by only one percent, no one could tell. Between one and two percent, only the professionals heard a difference.

Szczypiorski also took his modified dance music to a more realistic setting — on outdoor party filled with regular listeners. There, he had a DJ manually shift the tempo of the song to gradually spell out his message to the casual dancers. In this setting, he could change the tempo by up to two percent without anyone noticing, although by the time the changes reached 4 percent, around half the party knew something was up. He didn’t go any further than that, because, as he reports, no one was interested in his music anymore.